Opening ceremony

Period Not planed
Genre Circus , comedy , Congratulatory performance , etc , Performance
Rating General

The opening ceremony marks the start of the 5th Busan International Comedy Festival. Following the anniversary of the Blue Carpet event, the festival officially begins with the opening speech of the chairperson


This year’s opening ceremony becomes more abundant with a range of shows from the celebration performance of MAMAMOO to the shows of Young-chul KIM, Na-rae PARK, ‘We need more talk!’, Compagnia Baccala, Bunk puppets, Mario Queen of the Circus, Penny Greenhalgh.


This ceremony is going to be shined up with a special performance given by “Gamarjobat”, Japan’s best pantomime team which was first invited to BICF.


  • ‘Mamamu’: no need to explain, versatile Korean idol group
  • ‘We Need MORE Talk!‘: honored as the first show that viewers of Gag Concert , one of best TV comedy shows want to watch again
  • ‘Na-rae PARK’: the best leading comedian in S. Korea
  • ‘Yeong-cheol KIM’: a ting-a-ling man of volubility and unexpected song skills
  • ‘Bunk Puppets’: the marvelous shadow show
  • Compagnia Baccala’s ‘Pss Pss’: the acrobatics capturing audience with thrilling tense
  • ’Mario Queen of the Circus‘: fancy circus and essence of juggling
  • ‘Penelope Anne Greenhalgh’s ’Pop Pop’: featuring Wonderful ideas made by audience

‘Gamarjobat’: the most respected Japanese Pantomime