Period August 25, 2019
Running time 1 hour 20 minutes

신세계백화점 문화홀


Geun-ji RYU

Sung-won KIM

Ki-ri KIM

Tae-hun SEO

Genre Audience participation , sketch comedy
Rating No children under 15

Come to the comedy show that thrills like an idol concert!


Features Ryu Geun-ji, a guy with six-pack abs and sculpted body; Kim Sung-won, a perfect guy who has studied abroad; Kim Ki-ri, a multi-entertainer who has moved into acting; Seo Tae-hun, a prototypical “gentleman”; and even a special mystery guest who has it all!

This hot quartet will make the comedy festival feel like a film festival!


Korea’s one-and-only comedy show that makes you laugh and feast your eyes on hotness!

Korea’s one-and-only comedy show that has an idol singers’ staging!

Korea’s one-and-only comedy show that steals your heart!


Ready to get wild? This hot quartet with harmony is coming for their fourth sellout show. You should definitely check it out!

Event schedules

Date Time
5:00 pm - 6:20 pm