Period Not planed
Genre Audience participation , sketch comedy
Rating No children under 12

A comedy team of YouTubers, ‘Cre-Waitor,’ is coming to Busan!


This ensemble show will be performed by the nations’ most famous comedy YouTubers: Cho Jae-won, Fresh Sing-ho, 90-tan (Shim Mun-gyu), Goofy Men (Bang Ju-ho, Jeong Seung-bin), Chang’s Boy (Lee Chang-yun), and Cho Chung-hyun. In addition to Cho Jae-won, Fresh Sing-ho and 90-tan, who drew huge attention at the ‘Comedy Week in Hong-dae’ last year, our Goofy Men, Chang’s Boy and Cho Chung-hyun have joined the team this year.


To get the audience to laugh, the comedy waiters with 1.6 million YouTube subscribers will perform the highest quality show full of laughter and dirty jokes.

With the combined sensibilities of comedians and YouTubers, this show will be like no other.