Bunk Puppets

Period August 30, 2019 ~ August 31, 2019 (2days)
Running time 1 hour

시청자미디어센터 공개홀


Jeffeey Gerald Achtem

Genre Non-verbal performance , Shadow play
Rating General

Welcome to a shadow puppetry performance like no other!

Using bits of rubbish and everyday items, Swamp Juice creates a surreal adventure about creatures in a swamp right before your eyes.

A special highlight comes when the shadow puppets whiz around in 3D, making audience jaws drop in amazement!

From Dubai, through Edinburgh Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, New York, London, Berlin, and cities across Australia, Swamp Juice has been performed in the world’s leading venues and festivals and has been highly acclaimed by world class critics, winning countless awards.

Bunk Puppets artistic director, Jeff Achtem, born in B.C., Canada, put on his first magic show in front of his family at the age of five. After graduating from l’École de Mime Omnibus, Achtem apprenticed under the French clown master Michel Dallaire and the Australian shadow puppeteer Richard Bradshaw. Since 1999, he has delighted audiences around the world― Canada, the Americas, Oceania, Asia and Europe, winning numerous awards including Best Newcomer at the 2010 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Don’t miss this spell-binding shadow show!

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